There is so much wait and so much anticipation around a new baby coming into the world and more so in desi households. Everyone wants to see the baby, make comparisons with the siblings and comment on every little move of that tiny being. As soon as the baby is delivered the very person who brought that little soul into this world with prolonged hard work of nine months and intense labour blurs in the background. The new mama is mostly “resting” a.k.a being completely ignored. Sure, they are made to have bone broth, scolded to stay under multiple layers and not move an inch. But ignorance I talk about is however is of a different kind, they are emotionally ignored. Within 24-48 hours of giving birth there is so much happening in a woman’s body, the hormones are all hay wire, bringing about an overwhelming emotional state lasting for a few days at-least. These are commonly known as baby blues. This may be unheard for many of you because of how emotionally ignored new mamas can be in a desi household. With all the focus on the baby many feel a bit lost while others have hard time accepting their own feelings because no body ever told them that it’s normal and common to have baby blues. Even a little bit of reassurance, warmth and love during this early period can play a big role in the emotional regulation of a new mama. Here are a few ways in which you can support a new mother 1. Get past the initial congratulations phase and keep checking in during the first few weeks, a quick call or even a text would be great 2. Take her out for a walk if she is physically able to, a breath of fresh air hasn’t hurt anyone ever 3. Bring her favourite dessert or meal, trust me she is so done with the bone broth 4. Just hold her, give her a hug and tell her that she did a tremendous job bringing human into this world Next time someone in your friends or family has a baby make sure to check in the mana and not just the baby!


Writer: Bushra Malik