It’s hard to miss the intended pun in the title, specially if you are a parent yourself. You must remember your baby outgrowing some of the clothes they barely ever wore not to mention the ones you saved for a special occasion only to find out that they no longer fit your bubs. Hence, as cute as they are baby clothes have a very short life, not more than three months, if you are lucky.
So what to do we with tons of these baby clothes? We keep heaps and heaps of tiny bubs clothing as keepsakes, something to look back at during our once a year decluterring session.
Take a step back and think, is it really the best use of them? May be one or two of your favourite dresses as keepsakes for sure, but do you need to save all? Why not think about giving them a second life? The first thought is to pass them down to other kids of friends and family, but lets be honest here, the taboo and shame attached to taking “second hand” clothing for your child will not let anyone have the clothes even if they wanted to. However, parting away from them for a good cause and passing them to someone in need has no such negative connotation. And for that purpose, you do not need to stretch yourself and look for a genuinely needy family or someone with age appropriate kids for the clothing, infact, you could simply give them away to Akhuwat clothe bank and rest assured they will find their way to someone who will truly appreciate having them. Doesn’t it sound better than having them sit in the back of your storage room for years to come?
By saying goodbye to these clothes you are not just doing yourself a favour but also to the environment. The environmental cost of most clothing materials demands several years of use. Wearing them for few months followed by having them stored while you shop endlessly can never even out the cost. So it may seem like a very small act but you really are contributing towards something bigger than you.

Let’s work towards living an informed life where you do what you do for a reason and not because you have always seen your parent or elders do it that particular way. These small everyday actions are literally all you need to do to see and feel the change!


Writer: Bushra Malik